No-code app development

Bring your web or mobile app to market in record time without compromising on your features.

What we offer

We can help you launch your app in less than 60 days.

1. Goals definition
Clear goals lead to clear products. Our team of experts with 20+ years of experience in building digital products will guide you in making correct decisions from ground zero.
2. App architecture
Based on your app requirements we will design the best possible architecture of your app. Apart from selecting the tools and frameworks our team will also provide you with clear implementation plan.
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3. UI/UX design
From user interviews, user flows, wireframes and UI design, we make sure to craft the best possible user experience. We make sure to keep you in the loop for every iteration.
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4. No-code development
Time to start building the layout, workflows and implementing business logic. All no-code platforms of our choice allow for easy sharing experience which means you can follow the progress of your app being built in real-time.
Already have your designs and just want the implementation? No worries, you can hire us at any stage of your project. Feel free to reach out today.

We help you scale

Our work doesn't stop on launch day. We can help you scale your app.

5. Support & Upgrades
Your app is live on the market. What next you say? This is where user feedback will start guiding your next steps. We're happy to support and upgrade your app to make it even better for your users. We can discuss anything from 20h/month to full-time employee service.
6. Custom re-write
Should your app go to the moon, our team of senior developers can re-write it in popular and scalable front- and backend frameworks.
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New project

Per project based on number of pages/ features
Starts at $5.000

Existing project

Maintenance packages
10 h = $800
30 h = $2250
50 h = $3500

Happy clients

Image Niclas Andersson

Niclas Andersson

CEO @Lease Matching 🇸🇪

I would recommend 350life for any no-code project.

"I have had the privilege of working with 350life on a no-code project for our car leasing advertising platform. We went from idea to MVP implementation in two months and that included design, UI/UX, development and implementation. What impressed the most was how committed, fast and responsive the team was. I am very proud of our platform and would recommend 350life for any no-code project."

Danny Park

Danny Park

CEO @Spectrum Biobank 🇺🇸

Great communicators and very efficient

"350life was great to work with for our non-profit's website. They were great communicators and very efficient. I would not hesitate to work with them again."

Verena Ortlieb

Verena Ortlieb

Co-founder @Terrible Pets 🇺🇸

Working with 350life was an absolute pleasure.

"Working with 350life was an absolute pleasure. The combination of the structured and fast workflow with the incredible creativity and feel for design resulted in magnificent products. We hope to work with you again very soon."


Micah Johnson

CTO @Captain 🇺🇸

Moved extra fast

"The whole 350life team did a great job in building our MVP - from design to launch. We moved extra fast and they helped us implement some of the custom stuff that was needed on top of our Bubble implementation."

Vesna Pavlovic

CEO @IRM Ltd. 🇸🇮

They are focused, honest and hard-working persons

"We were looking for a designer to make our mobile app more modern one. We found 350life by chance and decided to work with them after getting first impression, that they are focused, honest and hard-working persons, which soon turned out to be true. They immediately knew what we needed and brought excellent results, all in planned time line. They are great to work with, very responsive and always willing to help."

Our tools of choice

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Why work with us

Clear goals lead to clear products. Our team of experts with 20+ years of experience.
20+ years of experience building digital products
Clear goals lead to clear products. Our team of experts with 20+ years of experience.
Clean & Modern design
Clear goals lead to clear products. Our team of experts with 20+ years of experience.
Clear goals lead to clear products. Our team of experts with 20+ years of experience.


Lease matching project showing UI design for web app
Lease Matching
myMarina project showing UI design for mobile app
Spectrum biobank
Spectrum Biobank
Lama Partners project showing Web design
Lama Partners
Targetvideo project showing Web design
Target Video