Spectrum Biobank is US non-profit that is working on making genomic studies equitable to everyone by offering people a free DNA test that is then used in medical studies.
Product Design
Webflow Development
Custom Scripts
🇺🇸 San Francisco Bay Area
May 2022 - Jul 2022
Bridging the genetics gap 1 DNA swab at a time
Spectrum Biobank is a US non-profit founded by Danny Park, Bubba Murarka and co. Danny and Bubba approached us through a recommendation and asked us to redesign their website, while also making the workflow simpler.

We did that in basically a months-worth of work and the end result is pretty epic (or at least Danny and Bubba say so, so it must be true … cause they’re the OGs).

What Spectrum Biobank does is collect DNA from non-europeans that scientists can use in their studies. The fact they do that is simple: 85% of DNA used for medical research is contributed by people of European ancestry. And that has implications for under-represented communities.
How we did it?
Of course by leveraging no-code. After getting to grips with the project, we designed the workflow and mapped out the tools to be used:
Webflow  for website design and implementation
Memberstack  user authentication
Airtable  simple backend and user data storage
Stripe  payment processing
Shippo  everything shipping related
Zapier  connecting and automating the workflows
Spectrum biobank website UI
But how do you make Website look so nice without a single line of code? Hmmm…let’s call it the Webflow magic and maybe introduce the notion of low-code here. At times, we as experienced developers, do write a few lines of .css and .js on our own, but the vast majority is done by simply using probably the most powerful design builder in the world ATM. Yes, Webflow, we’re talking about you, again.
Spectrum biobank website UI mobile
Final thoughts
So it really is a pretty straight-forward user flow, but instead of spending months building the solution, we leveraged no-code and designed and built all of that in the space of 30 working days. Zapier was the real hero here, since it allowed us to connect all the above mentioned tools. And while you might not decide to choose no-code (and Zapier) for your next sending people to Mars project, we and our client were extremely happy to do so in this case. 😊

"350life was great to work with for our non-profit's website. They were great communicators and very efficient. I would not hesitate to work with them again."