Closer is an always on video portal helps remote teams stay connected, build trust and work effectively from wherever they choose to work. Apart from the UI design of the app, we also designed and implemented the Webflow website.
Product Design
Webflow Development
🇺🇸 San Francisco Bay Area
AUG 2021 - present
Revolutionizing remote work
Closer is a birth-child of 3 founders that found themselves frustrated with the way companies approached remote work when the Pandemic hit. Mostly but not solely:
Too many working hours.
Waaaay too many meetings.
And general lack of collaboration between co-workers.
So. How do we solve shortcomings that even Zoom, Slack and other great collaboration tools can’t? Meet Closer. An iPad app that sits at your work desk the whole workday and connects you to your co-workers.
UX/UI Design
At 350life we joined the Closer founding team as contractors very early on as UX/UI design help. Our first job was to get to learn the product and experience it first-hand. That meant going from working remotely while looking like a monster with nobody knowing, to spending 8+ hours per day on camera with the founding team we never met in person. And still looking like monsters. You actually get used to it pretty quickly and it really isn’t that big of a deal!

One of our first assignments was preparing ideas for UI improvements inside the iPad app. After a lot of iterations and seamless collaboration (thank you, Closer), we came up with the revamped room layout that was well received by our users and still exists today (december 2022).

The main thing was the introduction of what we call My bubble. We moved it to the bottom left corner and added all of the most important actions around My video. Users can now use My bubble to look how good (or bad) they look at any given time and:
change video filters (yes, we support blur)
change their status (Active, Focus or Away)
start screen sharing session
start Whiteboarding session
Filters UI for CloserPrivacy - blur UI for Closer
We have dedicated a considerable amount of time to our Calendar feature, investing a lot of sessions to ensure that it is user-friendly and intuitive. With Closer, you can receive timely notifications prior to your scheduled meetings, and your availability status will be automatically updated based on your calendar events.
UI Closer
Chrome browser extension
Lets users share links and their screen with a single click. Yes, single click!
Closer One click
Mac app
Allows you to transfer audio from iPad to your Mac. The app has some seriously dope features like: playing/pausing your Spotify (or any other) music when someone starts/ends conversation with you. This app is really helpful for people that work in co-working spaces and use AirPods (or other headphones).
Closer Audio Handoff
The big switch to no-code
Apart from that, there was one other thing we did at Closer and that was killing our react.js based website and switch to Webflow.

This gives us the flexibility to iterate at super-sonic speed and even skip the design step if Figma. Why design a Website in Figma if you can do that directly in Webflow and iterate just as fast? Yep, that really is a thing …

In the meantime, we developed the homepage, but also add other subpages where we can educate people on why Closer is something their remote team desperately needs.By choosing the king of no-code in Website development (Webflow, we’re talking about you) we can now easily build a new page in 1 day, publish it and start our marketing efforts.
closer project
Final thoughts
At Closer, our team is also responsible for QA. This means testing our products to the limit, pushing our developers beyond limit, but also enjoying in the process of finding and crushing bugs.
Rok Gregoric
Rok Gregoric

"I work with 350life and I am really happy with the relationship. They deliver what we need, are always on-time and are really flexible. A real joy to work with! I am recommending them to all my closest friends."