Lease Matching is a Swedish-based mediation service that facilitates the transfer of privately leased cars.
Product Design
Bubble Development
Custom Code
🇸🇪 Stockholm, Sweden
Oct 2022 - Present
Designed and built a car marketplace in less than 2 months
We helped our Swedish partners in designing and building their MVP app in less then two months. They were able to launch it at the car fair and get first customers on the platform in record time.

Lease Matching is a Swedish-based mediation service that facilitates the transfer of privately leased cars. By explaining the process, helping the transferor and transferee finding each other, and offering support during the transfer process it makes private leasing safer, secure, and more accessible.
User flows
After reviewing the main processes, we suggested some improvements and familiarized ourselves with the scope of the MVP. That than guided our work from Wireframes to end product.
flows for lease matching
Next it was time for the Wireframes. Since the schedule was really tight and the scope quite big, we didn’t spend too much time in ideation phase. We came up with a couple of different versions of Wireframes (played with layouts) and sent them to our client.
wireframes for car leasing platformwireframe of landing page for car leasing platformwireframes of marketplace for car leasing platform
Data model
Alongside our work on the Wireframes, the engineering side of the team spent time on finalizing the data model. In no-code development that serves as a great starting point when setting up a project in Bubble (or other tools).

This gives you a “hands on” feeling of what kind of a beast you’re dealing with and how your logic will look like once you get into the nitty-gritty of connecting the flows.
Lease Matching Data model
UI design
With wireframes confirmed and user flows defined it was time for the UI design phase. As usually we used Figma because of it’s great features around components that make a UI design so much more scalable and simple.

It was at Week 4 when things started to get exciting for the client. After visualising the idea, working on the processes (and other more boring stuff like paperwork) it was finally the time when they saw Lease Matching turn from a vague idea to something much more tangible.

Since we really collaborated closely with the client in the first stages of the product, there were little surprises in the UI design phase. It was more time for general excitement and polishing small details.
web design for car leasing platformUI cards with car adsMobile UI implemented in bubble for car leasing platform
Bubble implementation
Pretty much the second the UI design was confirmed, it was time to move inside the Bubble. The backend-boys setup the backend, while the design time started implementing the frontend.

The actual implementation took around 2 weeks. Do note that because of the time pressure, we didn’t take time to design the mobile layout in Figma, but rather implemented it in Bubble directly. The designer in Bubble lets you do that pretty easily and without too much hassle, which is another big benefit of visual design tools.
Lease Matching platfrom implemented in Bubble
Custom code
Since Bubble is a US platform and client was from the EU (Sweden), we had to move all the personal data from Bubble’s servers to Sweden. This is where 30+ years of experience in software development kicked in (thank you Indigo labs).

When working on a bigger scale projects, you’re bound to stumble upon challenges that will require custom code. This is why no-code actually almost always ends up being a low-code project.

Apart from taking the GDPR into consideration, we also had to implement BankID which is by far the largest electronic identification system in Sweden. It allows people to sign agreements, loan documents and manage their tax return.

In our case the client decided to use BankID as the only way of sign-up in order to increase trust and only having verified people on the platform.
Day before the fair we launched the platform live. Launch was seamless, so the only problem our client had was a minor car failure at the start of their trip. How convenient, huh?

On the day of the fair, we had 2 team members on standby should anything strange happen. As life has it, there were obviously some things that we had to fix, but the next morning we woke up to a beautiful Slack message from our client.
Image showing Slack Message: First ad is up!
Final thoughts
In this case study we didn’t go to deep into functional requirements, but as it is with every marketplace, it’s not the simplest project to pull off since you’re dealing with sellers and buyers. The processes itself were also complex, because the car transfer doesn’t just happen. There are stages to it and you have to keep both the seller and the buyer satisfied at each stage of the handover.

From pitch deck to wireframes and then the fully-working MVP in 2 months … we consider that a great success which is obviously made possible with the endless possibilities that no-code development has to offer.
Image Niclas Andersson
Niclas Andersson

"I have had the privilege of working with 350life on a no-code project for our car leasing advertising platform. We went from idea to MVP implementation in two months and that included design, UI/UX, development and implementation. What impressed the most was how committed, fast and responsive the team was. I am very proud of our platform and would recommend 350life for any no-code project."