We designed (in Figma) and built an MVP (using Bubble) for a VC backed US startup Captain ($100 million in debt financing) that helps homeowners rebuild their home faster after natural disasters.
Product Design
Bubble Development
Custom Code
🇺🇸 California, US
DEC 2021 - JUL 2022
Helping families rebuild homes faster
Captain was concieved by a tremendous entrepreneur Demetrius Gray, who’s work ethic is second to none. He saw a problem and is now working tirelessly with his team to solve it.

What Captain does is funding insurance claims in 72 hours or less after a natural disaster (eg. your roof was blown off from a tornado). And contractors who use Captain to pay their material, supplies, and labor costs can complete their home repair projects in 30 days – that’s six times faster than the industry average! Meaning families can return to normal life faster and not worrying about cumbersome insurance processes.
Data model
Before even considering the UX/UI of the MVP, we had a job of defining the data model. This is where our (no)coding geniuses went to work and came up with the data model that did the job for the MVP, but will also scale in the future.
Captain data model
UX/UI design
In the next stage we defined different user roles and most common user stories for each. That gave us the substance to start sketching up the MVP UI. We were really fast and spent 5 days iterating on different options before deciding we had a strong enough direction to start implementing. Remember, we had 1 month.
Design for platform
Bubble implementation
They say founder’s hustle is contagious and we definitely caught a sever case of hustle-19 with some serious symptoms: working 24/7, iterating like maniacs and learning new stuff on the go.

The implementation involved setting up a backend, building the UI, and connecting the two, which was done easily and quickly with Bubble's logic.
mobile ui
Custom code
Obviously a product this broad also needs some other components to it. In our case, this was contract generation, which our developers implemented using custom Google scripts. We also helped with Hubspot integration and other custom stuff that arose during the period of our collaboration.

Custom implementation was done by our partners Indigo labs.

After the MVP was launched and tested by our first users, we helped the team design and develop some new features, before parting our ways and wishing each other all the best for the future.
Micah Johnson

"The whole 350life team did a great job in building our MVP - from design to launch. We moved extra fast and they helped us implement some of the custom stuff that was needed on top of our Bubble implementation."